What's the simple method to solve windows registry repair windows 7 error codes?
windows registry repair windows 7 often occurs when the computer crashes and freezes to a certain extent. That will seriously effect the use of the computer, so we have to study how to handle it.
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The error message apears in the following format: "An unknown error has occurred. Windows registry repair windows 7"
The error windows registry repair windows 7 may cause that softwore will be opened slower and response time will be longer. When you run more apps, you will face crashes and freeze.
Cause of windows registry repair windows 7:
    The main reason for windows registry repair windows 7 is outdated or damaged driver software. The driver program may not match with the mainboard. Problems with the BIOS in the computer could also cause this windows registry repair windows 7 to appear.windows registry repair windows 7 is caused by|due to} wrong configured system files in your windows system.
Manual Solution
We can solve windows update error windows registry repair windows 7 by following steps.
1. Alter Windows Update Service Startup Type:
If your Windows update service startup type is set to manual, You may encounter error windows registry repair windows 7. So you need to set it to automatic. To do it-
  • Open Windows Task Manager.
  • Click on Services Tab.
  • Then look at the bottom. You will see Open Services.
  • Now a new window will be opened. Scroll down and find Windows Update.
  • Double click on Windows Update.
  • Then Windows Update Properties will be opened.
  • Now set Startup Type as Automatic.
  • Click on Apply. Then click on start. Now click on OK.
Now go to Windows Update and click on check for updates. I hope you won't face error windows registry repair windows 7 again.If the error is not resolved, then follow the next step.
2: Disable Antivirus & Third-party Firewall
As windows 10 is new, Many antivirus software may conflict with it. So you can disable your antivirus and the third-party firewall. Now try to update your windows 10 and see if it solves error windows registry repair windows 7.
3: Check for Viruses
Virus can obstruct windows update. So it is recommended to scan your PC for viruses. Please use a wonderful antivirus software to scan your computer.
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