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Registry Optimizer One-Click Cleaner
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System Registry Fix Invalid User APP Settings
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Registry Keys Repair Invalid Class Keys
Registry Classes Repair Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
Registry Files Repair Runtime Issues
Registry Settings Fix Invalid Font
Registry Performance Fix Invalid Shared known DLL Problems
Computer Speed Fix Invalid Startup Programs
Disk Space Validate Active-X,OLE&COM Objects
Computer Health Repair Invalid File Associations
Shared Dll's Repair Invalid Start Menu Items
Registry Settings Fix Recently Used Files
Free Registry Scan Delete Empty Registry Items
Registry Updates Check System Services
Registry Fix Automatic Updates
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Welcome to SmartPCFixer
SmartPCFixer™ is a excellent and easy-to-use system optimization software, it can help youclean windows registry, remove cache files, fix errors, defrag disk, update windows, download dll, find apps to open file extensions and 20+ other system softwore.
Repair PC Errors, Optimize & Speed up System
SmartPCFixer is a wonderful software which can repair Windows errors, clean the Windows registry, manage BHO, restore IE, optimize PC and speed up computer performance.
Full Check Automatically
Are you still anxious for that don't know what's the problem with your system? SmartPCFixer can completely check your computer automatically with one click.
Excellent Registry Cleaner, Speed UP your computer
Day by day, your registry may become messy, problematic and broken, which will cause a crash. SmartPCFixer can repair these issues and make your computer more safe and stable. SmartPCFixer can provide for uesrs a pure, stable, well system environment. The software automatically scans the PC, check out errors and unwanted data, and effectively fixes or deletes them, effectively reducing the computer's workload and increasing system speed and performance.
Totally Safe Registry Fixer
You can back up the registry before making important changes so that you can recover them if you do not like them any more. SmartPCFixer has proven to be safe and effective in multiple tests, recommended by experts and used by PC manufacturers.
Quicker Startup
Many programs can run with the system together, which will increase the system start-up time. SmartPCFixer will find the programs that start up in the background , prohibit them which don't need to start at the same time, to improve the computer's startup speed.
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Robert - US
"Great software!!! Money well spent!!! I have scheduled my computer for weekly scans every Saturday so that I do not have to take any tensions about my computer having any registry problems. My computer is very much faster now when compared to what it was earlier."

Fikir - FR
"Computer or system problems are very easy to fix for SmartPCFixer, one-click can be resolved, before the system is always pop-up error pop-up window, and then the computer crashes, with SmartPCFixer scan many problems, and then repair them and the pop-up window no longer appears."